Best Practices

Teledyne Webb Research : Ben Allsup
NOAA, USA : Kevin O'Brien
NOC, UK : Matthew Palmer
Rutgers University, USA : Josh Kohut
NOC, UK : Emma Salter
Scripps : Guilherme Castelao
NOC, UK : Justin Buck
NOC, UK : Loic Houpert
NOC, UK : Alvaro Lorenzo-Lopez
LOCEAN, CNRS, France : Pierre Testor
LOCEAN, CNRS, France : Soeren Thomsen
Scripps : Dan Rudnick

OceanGliders Best Practice Task Team

The OceanGliders Best Practice Task Team aims to facilitate the sharing, development and convergence of best practices around all glider activities such as preparation, deployment, data management, sensor calibration and data processing. This collective community effort will ensure that the valuable data acquired by gliders around the globe will be inter-comparable and used by a broader community to better understand our ocean. Anyone is welcome to join this effort. Please contact if you want to actively contribute.